Must-see attractions in Northern Higashiyama

  • N

    This subtemple of Nanzen-ji is up the steps after you pass under the aqueduct. It has an attractive garden designed around a heart-shaped pond. This…

  • K
    Kurodani Pagoda

    This pagoda, which stands above the temple of Kurodani, offers one of the best views over the city. You cannot enter the pagoda itself, but you can climb…

  • M

    Tucked away in the Northern Higashiyama district, this is a secret shrine established in 1862. It's not an essential stop but can be paired with a visit…

  • O

    Okazaki-jinja is a quaint local shrine located at the far eastern end of Marutamachi-dōri. The rabbit is the spirit animal here and people come to this…

  • K
    Kurodani Temple

    Also known as Konkai Kōmyō-ji, this temple in the Northern Higashiyama district is a favourite of locals for morning and evening strolls. It's got some…

  • Y

    Yoshida-jinja is the largest shrine on Yoshida-yama, the small mountain that rises just east of Kyoto University. It's most famous for the fire festival…

  • S

    This temple in a residential area of Northern Higashiyama is a locals-only favourite for quiet contemplation. It's a great spot to see the autumn leaves.

  • T
    Takenaka Inari-sha

    A tiny shrine atop Yoshida-yama, Takenaka Inari-sha in Northern Higashiyama is popular with walkers.