Top ChoiceCafe in Kōya-san


This chill spot – more Goa than rural Japan – with great wooden beams serves vegetarian dishes like tofu cheesecake that seem indulgent compared to temple food. Come after 11am for the daily lunch plate, only...

Tofu in Kōya-san


Kadohama specialises in goma-dōfu (sesame tofu) prepared several ways. The lunch sets come beautifully presented in bamboo baskets with eight small dishes around a larger one – evoking the eight-lotus-petal...

Cafe in Kōya-san

Kōmi Coffee

A cosy and convenient pit stop for curries, sandwiches and apple pie near the entrance to Oku-no-in. Its namesake coffee comes from a small-batch roaster in Hokkaidō.

Shokudo in Kōya-san


Of course not everyone in Kōya-san follows a monk's diet: locals love this tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) shop, a five-minute walk beyond the Oku-no-in bus stop. Look for the yellow roof.

Shokudo in Kōya-san


This convenient shokudō (all-round, inexpensive restaurant) serves standards like katsu-don (fried pork cutlet on rice), represented by plastic food models in the window. It's diagonally across from the Kōya-san...

Shokudo in Kōya-san

Nankai Shokudō

Diagonally across the street from the Shukubō Association office, this restaurant specialises in noodles and teishoku (set meals).