Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Kanonji

Temple 66: Unpen-ji

With a name meaning 'Temple of the Surrounding Clouds', Unpen-ji is the highest of the 88 Temples at 900m. Surprisingly, it actually sits in Tokushima Prefecture, although it's more or less right on the Kagawa Prefe…
Landmark in Kanonji


Zenigata is a 350m-circumference coin-shaped sculpture in the sand dating from 1633. The coin and its inscription are formed by huge trenches dug in the sand, and are said to have been dug overnight by the local pop…
Buddhist Temple in Kanonji

Temples 68 & 69: Jinne-in & Kanon-ji

These two temples are notable in that this is the only spot on the pilgrimage trail to have two of the 88 Temples on the same grounds: There is a good little noodle shop on the grounds too.