Top Choice Brewery in Kanazawa

Oriental Brewing

You can't miss this trendy brewhouse at the entrance to Higashi-chaya-gai: it's always humming with Japanese and international guests who love the mellow, friendly vibe and the original yeasty ales.
Bar in Kanazawa

Sturgis Rock Bar

We almost want to keep this fabulous, colourful, fun, wild and original Kanazawan institution to ourselves… With live rock and every manner of everything hanging from the ceiling, you'll feel like you're on an acid …
Cafe in Kanazawa

Curio Espresso & Vintage Design

Brewing Seattle-style coffee that would satisfy even the most hardened Melburnian coffee snob, this sweet little cafe is a great spot to start your day, with a variety of simple breakfast foods to go with your latte…
Bar in Kanazawa

Baby Rick

Class and character in the heart of Katamachi, this basement bar has an extensive picture menu, a billiard table and attracts a lively crowd. There's a ¥500 cover after 10pm.
Bar in Kanazawa

Cambio APT

Smack in the heart of Katamachi you'll find this shiny, welcoming bar. The friendly young owner spent time in Canada and is happy to chat. There's a ¥400 seating charge.
Pub in Kanazawa


This decent-sized German beer hall has been pulling pints and serving wurst, cheese and pasta since 1968 to an interesting mix of locals and foreigners.
Bar in Kanazawa

Polé Polé

Kanazawa's grungy gaijin-friendly reggae/dive bar is littered with years of sawdust and peanut shells: not one for grandma. What's great about it are the friendly, open-minded staff and patrons who are happy to chat…