The shiny, architecturally stunning JR Kanazawa Station building is brimming with eateries. Its neighbour, Forus department store, has excellent dining floors, as does the basement of Meitetsu M'Za department store, opposite Ōmi-chō Market with its fresh-from-the-boat restaurants. Otherwise, the locus of nocturnal dining is found in the lanes of Kōrinbō and Katamachi.

Kanazawa Specialities

Seafood is the staple of Kanazawa's Kaga ryōri (Kaga cuisine); even the most humble train-station bentō (boxed meal) usually features some type of fish. Oshi-zushi, a thin layer of fish pressed atop vinegar rice, is said to be the precursor to modern sushi. Another favourite is jibuni, flour-coated duck or chicken stewed with shiitake and green vegetables.