Parade in Kanazawa

Hyakumangoku Matsuri

In early June Kanazawa's main annual festival commemorates the first time the region's rice production hit one million koku (around 150,000 tonnes). There's a parade of townsfolk in 16th-century costumes, takigi nō …
Film in Kanazawa

Kanazawa Film Festival

Having reached its 10th anniversary in 2016, Kanazawa's increasingly popular film festival, screening an eclectic mix of Japanese and foreign-language films, has finally come of age.
Music in Kanazawa

Asano-gawa Enyūkai

Performances of traditional Japanese dance and music are held on the banks of the Asano-gawa during the second weekend of April.
Cultural in Kanazawa

Kagatobi Dezomeshiki

In early January scantily clad firemen brave the cold, imbibe sake and demonstrate ancient firefighting skills on ladders.