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Top Choice Gardens in Kanazawa


Ranked as one of the top three gardens in Japan, this Edo-period garden draws its name (kenroku 'combined six') from a renowned Sung-dynasty garden in China that dictated six attributes for perfection: seclusion, sp…
Top Choice Gardens in Kanazawa

Gyokusen Inmaru Garden

Adjacent to the Kanazawa Castle Park, this feudal pleasure garden was first constructed in 1634 but abandoned in the Meiji era. Its five-year reconstruction was completed in 2015. Features include a small waterfall,…
Top Choice Ruins in Fukui

Ichijōdani Asakura Clan Ruins

Designated a national historic site, this unexpected find boasts one of the largest town ruins in Japan. Perched in a narrow valley between modest mountains, it's easy to see why the Asakura clan would have built th…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Kanazawa


In Teramachi, fascinating Myōryū-ji (aka Ninja-dera), completed in 1643, was designed to protect its lord in case of attack. It contains hidden stairways, escape routes, secret chambers, concealed tunnels and trick …
Top Choice Chinese in Kanazawa


Upstairs in Ōmi-chō Market, talented chefs from Hong Kong prepare authentic Szechuan- and Hong Kong–style dishes (including dim sum) from scratch. Healthy (yellow bean oil is used) and delicious lunch and dinner set…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Lower Noto Peninsula


Founded in 1294 by Nichizō, a disciple of Nichiren, the imposing Myōjō-ji remains an important temple for the sect. The grounds comprise 10 Important Cultural Properties, most notably the strikingly elegant five-sto…
Top Choice Japanese in Kanazawa

Kaiseki Tsuruko

Kaiseki dining is a holistic experience of hospitality, art and originality: in no two presentations are the colours, flavours and textures ever quite the same. This outstanding restaurant is a true gourmand's delig…
Top Choice Museum in Kanazawa

DT Suzuki Museum

This spiritual museum is a tribute to Daisetsu Teitaro Suzuki, one of the foremost Buddhist philosophers of our time. Published in Japanese and English, Suzuki is largely credited with introducing Zen to the West. T…
Top Choice Brewery in Kanazawa

Oriental Brewing

You can't miss this trendy brewhouse at the entrance to Higashi-chaya-gai: it's always humming with Japanese and international guests who love the mellow, friendly vibe and the original yeasty ales.
Top Choice Castle in Echizen-Ōno

Echizen Ōno-jō

Atop a hill overlooking the town, this little yamashiro (mountain castle) is a true delight, even if it is a replica and you have to climb all those stairs. Originally built in 1576, today's version went up in 1968 …