Top Choice Chinese in Kanazawa


Upstairs in Ōmi-chō Market, talented chefs from Hong Kong prepare authentic Szechuan- and Hong Kong–style dishes (including dim sum) from scratch. Healthy (yellow bean oil is used) and delicious lunch and dinner set…
Top Choice Japanese in Kanazawa

Kaiseki Tsuruko

Kaiseki dining is a holistic experience of hospitality, art and originality: in no two presentations are the colours, flavours and textures ever quite the same. This outstanding restaurant is a true gourmand's delig…
Izakaya in Kanazawa

Itaru Honten

One of Kanazawa's favourite seafood izakaya is as popular with locals as it is with international visitors, so you may have to queue for a spot. Expect superlative sushi and sashimi and daily specials based on the c…
Izakaya in Kanazawa

Daiba Kanazawa Ekimae

This trendy spot in the Kanazawa Miyako Hotel building has a comprehensive Japanese menu and a limited English one with all the Western favourites and some local specialities. It's a great place for your first izaka…
Sushi in Kanazawa

Janome-sushi Honten

One of our Japanese friends says that when he eats at Janome-sushi Honten – regarded for sashimi and Kaga cuisine since 1931 – he knows he's really in Kanazawa. You can't go wrong with the saabisu ranchi (lunch spec…
Noodles in Fukui

Amida Soba Yūbuan

On the Rekishi-no-michi street outside the west exit of Fukui Station, you'll find this delightful variation on the usual soba theme. The speciality is oroshi soba sanmai (¥1300), a double serve of thick flattened s…
Shokudo in Kanazawa

Restaurant Jiyūken

This shokudō (all-round, inexpensive restaurant) in the heart of Higashi-chaya-gai has been serving yōshoku (Western food) – or at least Japanese takes on Western food, like omelettes, hamburgers and curry rice – si…
Japanese in Kanazawa

Chōhachi Kanazawa Ekimae-ten

This upmarket regional izakaya has an expected emphasis on seafood with plenty of sushi and sashimi to sample in a classy though booze-friendly setting.