Kanazawa & the Hokuriku Coast activities, tickets and more

Private & Custom Tours

Kanazawa Private Custom Full-Day Tour by Chartered Vehicle

See Kanazawa your own way and at your own pace by chartering a vehicle for the day. Select a limousine, van, or bus for your private group (a maximum of 15 people) and decide whether or not to be accompanied by a local guide. Set your own route according to your own interests and see the best that Kanazawa has to offer.
8 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Kanazawa Full-Day Small-Group Samurai Town Tour, Omicho Market

This is a one-day, 7-hour tour around Hokuriku's first castle town, "Kanazawa," with a local guide.Kanazawa is said to be the origin of the city that Kanazawa Mido used as a base of missionary work in Honjyo in the middle of the 16th century. Later in the 16th century, Maeda Toshiya established Kanazawa castle in this area, and since then it developed as the castle town of Kaga Hyakumaishi, prospering from the 17th century during the Edo era to the end of the 19th century. After Edo (Tokyo) and Osaka, alongside the big cities of the scale after Kyoto, it is said that there was this. The samurai city formed around the castle as a vibrant merchant city, and a temple town which was arranged to protect the castle. The atmosphere of the castle town still remains as a place where Japanese culture is beautifully on display.
7 hours
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Omicho Market Tour & Cooking Class

【Market Tour + Cooking Class】Discover Kanazawa food culture through a tour of Omicho Market and a private cooking experience! We’ll explore the famous Kanazawa market stalls to seek out the freshest seasonal ingredients. Once we have chosen our ingredients, we’ll head to the kitchen and you'll learn how to cook authentic Kanazawa cuisine. Our resident cooking teacher, born and raised in Kanazawa, will guide you through Omicho Market, teach you the history behind the food, and how to cook delicious Kanazawa cuisine!
2.5 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Geiko (Geisha) Performance & Dinner

Join us for an exclusive Geisha (Geiko) Performance & Dinner experience! An experience that is even rare for Japanese locals to enjoy, you'll have the opportunity to watch a traditional geisha performance, and interact with these beautiful performers and enjoy an authentic Kanazawa meal. This unique experience will allow you to join in on their performance, too. From playing the taiko drums, to learning a few steps in their traditional geisha dance. After the performance, enjoy a curated dinner that reflects the changing seasons of Kanazawa, and in-season ingredients. During dinner, you'll have a chance to speak with the geisha performers and ask them anything that you want to know! Ask about their life, why them became a geisha performer, what their day-to-day is like, and more!
2 hours
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Sushi-Making Experience! IN KANAZAWA

Kanazawa is a city famous for their seafood, and locally grown Kaga vegetables. I will teach you how to make temari-sushi using fresh, local ingredients -- colorful sushi that will impress your family and friends! You can customize your toppings, and choose ingredients that you love, and I will show you tips and tricks for making instagram-worthy sushi!After we make our own (and take as many photos as possible!) we'll sit down for a sushi lunch, and a mini-tea ceremony afterwards. This experience includes all ingredients and cooking utensils.
2 hours
Classes & Workshops

Zen Meditation at Hidden Temples

Immerse yourself into Japanese Zen meditation experience by learning from a professional Zen master (Monks) in Kanazawa. you’ll gain valuable skills that you can use at home. Also you’ll touch Japansese buddhist culture through charm making or Shakyo (copying of a Sutra). You can bring back your making.Temples for this experience are located in most famous temples area which is Teramachi or Higashiyama in Kanazawa.
1 hour
Classes & Workshops

Hakusan City Cycling Tour (Explore Kanazawa via Bicycle)

This tour will guide you around the city of Tsurugi, an area surrounding Mt. Haku, and one of three famous mountains (Mt. Fuji, Mt. Tateyama, Mt. Haku) in Japan. Through this tour, you will experience the rich nature of Mt. Haku, Japanese local life, and the culture of Tsurugi. The tour starts along the Tedori River (a name also used for a famous sake brewed in this region), and heads to Shishiku hill from where you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries include rice terraces, seasonal flowers, and Tsurugi townscape. At the top of the hill, we will visit a museum where we can view a large wood-carved lion head that is used for local festivals. The tour includes a delicious lunch at a mountain hut-style restaurant where you can enjoy fresh, local ingredients char-grilled on a hearth right before your eyes. The dishes include seasonal Japanese herbs freshly picked from the mountain by the chef every morning.
4 hours
Tours & Sightseeing

Kimono trip in historical Kanazawa

There are many historical places and traditional crafts and cultures in Ishikawa, sake, geiko, koto (Japanese harp), sado (tea ceremony), wajima and yamanaka lacquerwares, kutaniyaki (pottery), and kagayuzen (dyeing tipical kanazawa). You can explore kanazawa city in kimono, which made of silk. In just 5 minutes walk from kanazawa station with empty handed, you can transform to kimono style.
45 minutes
Cultural & Theme Tours

Ninja's Scroll & Stroll!

Kanazawa boasts many historical attractions as well as modern museums, and the numbers of tourists are increasing every ear. It is fun to walk around the city with your guidebook, but it is more fun to explore the city with this scroll. This scroll offers you extraordinary experiences in Higashi Chaya District, one of the most popular sights in Kanazawa, and famous for geisha and tea houses. You may find out some unique spots that are not even in your guidebook. So let’s do something different from the others! After visiting those spots and taking pictures, a cute souvenir will be given to you as a prize!
1 hour
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Kanazawa Omicho market and Higashichayagai district Food Tour

We explore highlights of Kanazawa city with great food! At first we explore Kanazawa local Omicho market and try many foods there. While eating food, our friendly guide explain you about unique culture and normal life mixed with food information. Then we move to tea house district where traditional Geiko performance is held. The atmosphere is wonderful and you might be surprised! At last you could try gold flake desserts and finish the tour with full berry and fun memory!!
3 hours