Make Wagashi Sweets and Attend a Tea Ceremony at Authentic Tea House

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Traditional arts at a unique venue! Enjoy matcha tea with the wagashi you make.This is not merely a cooking class and a tea ceremony lesson. You will learn wagashi making from the local wagashi artist, learn the manners of tea ceremony from the tea master to attend the ceremony. The venue of this experience, Houan, is an authentic tea house built in 1934 by an owner who adored Jochiji Valley and a young, energetic architect. Built on the large spread of land on the foot of the mountain, Houan features a “sukiya” tea house with eight-mat and four-mat tea rooms surrounded by a roji-style dry garden, a separate small “koma” tea house with thatched roof and a two-mat room, and a sweet-water well. Just an hour out of Tokyo in Kita-Kamakura. Come feel a connection to the nature of our forested valley. A reminder of old Kamakura. This historical venue will make your experience unique and special.
ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productIn the first half, you will make wagashi sweets for the tea ceremony with a local professional wagashi artist. In the second half, you will learn how to properly take a bowl of tea from a tea master to prepare for attending a tea ceremony with your own handmade wagashi. Duration: 2 hoursLocation: 北鎌倉 宝庵

What’s included

  • Coffee and/or Tea - Matcha Tea
  • Snacks - Wagashi Sweets
  • Landing and facility fees
  • Chairs are provided upon request
  • Entry/Admission - 北鎌倉 宝庵

What’s not included