Top things to do

Top Choice Bar in Kagoshima

Honkaku Shōchū Bar Ishizue

This chic, amber-and-wood shōchū (potato vodka) bar has everything going for it, and is considered one of the finest places to drink Kagoshima's prefectural liquor, with over 500 different bottles available, each wi…
Top Choice Izakaya in Kagoshima

Yamauchi Nōjō

Kuro Satsuma-dori (black Satsuma chicken) is the name of the bird served here, and also what it looks like after being grilled sumibi-yaki-style over open charcoal. Other local dishes: marinated katsuo (bonito) sash…
Top Choice Museum in Kagoshima

Museum of the Meiji Restoration

This museum offers insights into the unique social system of education, samurai loyalty and sword techniques that made Satsuma one of Japan's leading provinces, with a good smartphone app in English. There are hourl…
Top Choice Fusion in Kagoshima

Cafe Lakan

This lovely little fusion cafe has delicious daily specials that mix Japanese, Italian and other Western cuisines. Decor is dark wood with a bar; it's the kind of place you'll see groups of office ladies out for lun…
Top Choice Japanese in Kagoshima


This atmospheric multistorey restaurant near central Tenmonkan covers all your Satsuma-ryōri needs: Satsuma-age, tonkotsu, kurobuta shabu-shabu, and lots of fresh fish and seafood. Look for the vertical sign with re…
Japanese in Kagoshima

Kagomma Furusato Yatai-mura

Yatai-mura means 'food stall village', and some two dozen stalls near Kagoshima-Chūō Station offer a taste of Kagoshima of old. Follow your nose to your favourite stalls for sumibi-yaki (coal-fired chicken), sashimi…
Bar in Kagoshima


This arty, mellow three-floor shop-bar-restaurant also has DJ decks and hosts occasional parties. It's popular with expat groovers and Japanese English-speaking locals, and it offers Latin-American eats before turni…
Cultural in Kagoshima


One of Kagoshima's more unusual events is the Umbrella Burning Festival. Boys burn umbrellas on the banks of Kōtsuki-gawa in honour of two brothers who used umbrellas as torches in one of Japan's oldest revenge stor…
Temple in Kagoshima

Nishi Hongan-ji

Impressive temple complex.
Gardens in Kagoshima

Sengan-en (Iso-teien)

In 1658, the 19th Shimazu lord laid out this hilly, rambling bayside property of groves, gardens, hillside trails and one of Japan's most impressive pieces of 'borrowed scenery': the fuming peak of Sakurajima. It wa…