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This atmospheric multistorey restaurant near central Tenmonkan covers all your Satsuma-ryōri needs: Satsuma-age (deep-fried fish cake), tonkotsu (pork ribs), kurobuta shabu-shabu (black-pork hotpot), and lots of fre…
Tonkatsu in Kagoshima


If your favourite way to enjoy kurobuta (Kagoshima-style black pork) is deep-fried, this institution does it in prodigiously crunchy crust, as tonkatsu (cutlets) or donburi (rice bowls). Reasonably priced teishoku (…
Izakaya in Kagoshima


Owner Reina-san doesn't speak much English but is a bundle of energy, reflected in her cosy, spirited, home-style izakaya on a Tenmonkan side street. Start with self-serve drinks and continue with dishes like yōgan-…
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Come here to try Kagoshima black pork at an affordable price. It's served several ways: shabu-shabu dipped in delectable broth with minced green onion; with black vinegar; kakuni (pork belly); and (the best way) ato…
Izakaya in Kagoshima

Yamauchi Nōjō

Kuro Satsuma-dori (black Satsuma chicken) is the name of the bird served here, and also what it looks like after being grilled sumibi-yaki-style over open charcoal. Other local dishes: marinated katsuo (bonito) sash…
Japanese in Kagoshima

Kagomma Furusato Yatai-mura

Yatai-mura means 'food-stall village', and some two dozen stalls near Kagoshima-Chūō Station offer a taste of Kagoshima of old. Follow your nose to your favourites, such as sumibi-yaki (coal-fired chicken), sashimi,…
Izakaya in Kagoshima

Marutora Ikka

This happy spot is festooned with an eclectic collection of Shōwa-period pop-culture memorabilia. It's where young Japanese come to hang out over a few rounds of beer and plates of comfort food such as bite-size bla…
Ramen in Kagoshima

Tontoro Tenmonkan Honten

The original branch of the tonkotsu (pork broth) institution is in Tenmonkan, in the corner house with the red tile sign. It's rather workaday yet often busy and open late.
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This classy multistorey shop claims to have invented kurobuta shabu-shabu (black-pork hotpot). Set meals come with handmade udon noodles and side dishes. There are also tonkatsu (deep-fried pork cutlet) meals (from …
Ramen in Kagoshima

Tontoro Kagoshima-Chūō Ekimae-ten

Tontoro is an institution for its thick tonkotsu (pork broth), finished with scallions and a hint of garlic. This branch near JR Kagoshima-Chūō Station is the more polished of the city's two locations.