Top Choice Aquarium in Kagoshima

Kagoshima City Aquarium

Beautiful seascapes brim with your favourite marine life by the harbour. Perhaps the coolest exhibit is the giant tank where whale sharks, tuna and other deep-water fish circle around (and above!) you. There is grea…
Top Choice Museum in Kagoshima

Museum of the Meiji Restoration

The museum offers insights into the unique social system of education, samurai loyalty and sword techniques that made Satsuma one of Japan's leading provinces, with a great audioguide in English. There are hourly au…
Museum in Kagoshima

Kagoshima City Museum of Art

The Kagoshima City Museum of Art has a small, permanent collection of works by modern-day Kagoshima painters, as well as some 16th-century porcelains and woodblock prints, and a wonderful collection of Sakurajima pa…
Museum in Kagoshima


The Reimeikan has extensive displays on Satsuma history and ancient swordmaking. It's inside the site of Kagoshima's castle, Tsurumaru-jō (1602); the walls and moat are all that remain, and bullet holes in the stone…
Gardens in Kagoshima

Sengan-en (Iso-teien)

In 1658, the 19th Shimazu lord laid out this hilly, rambling bayside property of groves, gardens, hillside trails and one of Japan's most impressive pieces of 'borrowed scenery': the fuming peak of Sakurajima. It wa…
Museum in Kagoshima

Shōko Shūseikan

The museum of Shōko Shūseikan, adjacent to Sengan-en, once housed Japan's first factory, built in the 1850s. Exhibits relate to the Shimazu family – in fact most of the 10,000 items are precious heirlooms, including…
Museum in Kagoshima

Uenohara Jōmon-no-Mori Museum

Archaeology enthusiasts will want to detour to this museum, on the site where the oldest authenticated Jōmon-era pottery shards were discovered during excavations for nearby office parks.
Statue in Kagoshima

Saigō Takamori Statue

This statue of Saigō Takamori is in central Kagoshima.
Shinto Shrine in Kagoshima


A famous shrine.
Statue in Kagoshima

17 Young Pioneers Statue

A statue/landmark.