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Sightseeing Tickets & Passes

Sengan-en Entrance Ticket

In Kagoshima, deep in the south of Kyushu, across the bay from a smoking active volcano, lies the stately home of one of Japan’s most powerful samurai clans, the Shimadzu clan. Sengan-en is a stately home and landscape garden along the coast north of downtown Kagoshima, Japan. The gardens cover over 12 acres and include calming ponds, gently bubbling streams, mysterious shrines, tea rooms, a bamboo grove, and a mountain hiking trail. A walk to the top of the trail takes about 30 minutes one direction, but it is certainly worth it for the breathtaking panoramic view of the bay and Sakurajima from the top.
9 hours
Kid Friendly


It is a popular course to sightseeing the sights and historical sites in Kagoshima city efficiently by sightseeing bus
4 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours


It is a course around Kagoshima city sightseeing spots of Ibusuki / Kanedo (Nagasaki Nose, Kaido Dake, Ikeda Lake, Kanri Kaikan Peace Building, Kuri Samurai House).
9 hours
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Experience Kagoshima meat special dinner course!

Experience the quality of IWAMOTO meat products at Restaurant KICHIZAEMON over a dinner in a simple and casual setting, wherein the main dishes only use Kagoshima Kuroge Wagyu (Black Haired Wagyu beef) and Kagoshima Kuro Buta (Black Haired Boar/Pork).Select your course…A. Sukiyaki B. Shabu ShabuC. Steak *For course C, select the beef (i) shoulder roast (ii) tenderloin roast (iii) rib roast(ⅳ) fillet (+3,000 yen)
2 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Kagoshima Tram Night

Enjoy a unique way to discover Kagoshima!Experience a wonderfully enjoyable Kagoshima City Tram Night with our warm welcome and a taste of beautiful and delicious food/drinks using Kagoshima specialties prepared by Mr. Kenta Hayashi (the owner-chef of HAY grill & coffee). Date: -22nd of June, 2019 -22nd of Dec, 201918:50 Meet at the Meeting point19:00 Get on the tram and let’s start with a welcome drink. “Kanpai!” 20:00 Washroom break at JR Kagoshima Station20:50 Finish at the tram station of Kagoshima Chuo Station (same as the starting point) -Drink Menu-BeerShochu tasting set (Mizu wari, Soda wari, On the rock, Straight)Shochu Umeshu (Plum flavored Shochu)Shochu Yuzushu (Yuzu flavored Shochu)Kagoshima Gin (Soda wari, On the rock, Straight)Green tea (Room temperature)*If you prefer other drinks, which are not listed above, please feel free to bring them along with you. *There is no washroom on the tram. We will have a 10 minute toilet break.
2 hours
Food, Wine & Nightlife

TEA Experience in Kagoshima City

Do you know that Kagoshima produces not only Sencha(煎茶) but Matcha(抹茶) as well? Learn how Matcha and Sencha are different and how to brew them; from the experts, Birouen, which has been producing tea for more than 130 years!At a very convenient location in Tenmonkan(天文館)in the heart of Kagoshima city(鹿児島市)!Choose your experiences according to your interest.① Introductory class of Matcha The tea master will show you how to serve Matcha in the traditional tea ceremony style. You also learn how to use the tools to make Matcha by yourself. Don't hesitate to ask the tea master about tea tools and traditions! ② Introductory class of SenchaLearn how to serve tea in the proper way and taste 5 kinds of Kagoshima Tea. Find your favorite Kagoshima Tea!
1 hour
Cultural & Theme Tours

Kagoshima Kimono Photo Shoot Tour

The Sakura season is coming! Kagoshima has many nice spots to take Sakura (Cherry Blossom) photos. It would be nice if you wear Kimono and take photos with them! We will arrange a professional cameraman for your special photo shooting session. He is a local Kagoshima and knows the beautiful scenic spots to take photos.
2 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Kagoshima Kimono One day Rental

It's a beautiful season in Kagoshima to walk around. To make your stay in Kagoshima special and take memorable photos, let's wear Kimono and walk around. After enjoying walking around Kagoshima city, just simply return the Kimono to the shop.
12 hours
Classes & Workshops

Karate Experience

What is your image or perception of the martial art, “Karate(空手)”?Karate doesn’t only focus on skills, but also inner strength - in the heart! It started as an exercise for monks at temples, and has now turned into an art form of self protection and protecting others around you. Join this experience to “see” and “get” an understanding and appreciation of the real KARATE.In this experience, Goto dojo will share their philosophy and also demonstrate some skills in Karate. After you learn the background about Karate and Karate forms, you’ll experience and learn about 5 Basic Karate forms amongst 20 forms.We do hope that after this lesson, you’ll find yourself better positioned to appreciate the 5 forms and hopefully protect yourself/others around you and deepen your knowledge about “inner strength “
2 hours
Outdoor Activities

Full Day Jomon Sugi Trekking Tour in Yakushima island

Meet the Jomon Sugi, one of the oldest cedar tree in the world and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the oldest and largest among the other trees on the island and the tree's name refers to the Jomon period in Japanese history.
11 hours