Tourist Information in Kotohira

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As the Tourist Information Office is devoid of English speakers, they send foreigners to this privately run place instead. They can tell you everything you want to know about Kotohira, and also offer coffee, cake an…
Tourist Information in Kotohira

Kotohira Tourist Information Office

Just before the start of the steps up Konpira-san, this small information centre offers up maps and English brochures for the town. A limited number of rental bicycles (per hour/day ¥100/500) are also available.
Tourist Information in Kanonji

Tourist Information Office

Over the bridge from the station in the Taishō-bashi Plaza, you'll find all sorts of info here, plus regular (¥100 per day) and electric-assist (¥1000 per day) rental bicycles for use between 9am and 4.30pm.
Tourist Information in Takamatsu

Kagawa International Exchange Centre

In the northwest corner of Chūō-kōen, this international exchange association has a small library, a lounge and support for international residents and visitors.
Tourist Information in Takamatsu

Tourist Information Office

Inside JR Takamatsu Station, get everything you need here; English-speakers on hand. They have English brochures and can help finding accommodation.
Tourist Information in Marugame

Marugame Tourist Information Office

At JR Marugame Station, there are local maps and brochures, including in English. There is also an tourist information office at Marugame Castle.
Post in Kotohira

Kotohira Post Office

Post in Takamatsu

Central Post Office