Top Choice Shinto Shrine in Kotohira


Konpira-san or, more formally, Kotohira-gū, was originally a Buddhist and Shintō temple dedicated to the guardian of mariners. It became exclusively a Shintō shrine after the Meiji Restoration.A lot of fuss is made …
Top Choice Park in Takamatsu


One of the most beautiful gardens in the country, Ritsurin-kōen dates from the mid-1600s and took more than a century to complete. Designed as a walking garden for the enjoyment of the daimyō (regional lord), the pa…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Zentsuji

Temple 75: Zentsū-ji

Zentsū-ji, number 75 of the sacred 88, is the largest of the temples – most of the other 87 could fit in its carpark. This is where Kōbō Daishi was born, and the temple boasts a magnificent five-storey pagoda and gi…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Kanonji

Temple 66: Unpen-ji

With a name meaning 'Temple of the Surrounding Clouds', Unpen-ji is the highest of the 88 Temples at 900m. Surprisingly, it actually sits in Tokushima Prefecture, although it's more or less right on the Kagawa Prefe…
Top Choice Museum in Yashima


About 500m north of Yashima station, Shikoku-mura is an excellent village museum that houses old buildings transported here from all over Shikoku and neighbouring islands. The village's fine kabuki stage came from S…
Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Kagawa Prefecture

Temple 88: Ōkubo-ji

The last of the Shikoku pilgrimage's 88 Temples sits in the mountains in the southeast of Kagawa Prefecture and is well worth a visit.
Top Choice Theatre in Kotohira


This is Japan's oldest kabuki playhouse, though it had a lengthy stint as a cinema before falling out of use. The restorations are superb; wander backstage and see the revolving-stage mechanism, basement trapdoors a…
Top Choice Castle in Marugame


This small castle dates from 1597. It took five years to build and is one of only 12 castles in Japan to have its original wooden donjon (keep) intact. It's known for its exquisite stone walls. The entrance fee is t…
Buddhist Temple in Yashima

Temple 85: Yakuri-ji

Half the fun of visiting Yakuri-ji may be riding the retro cable car up and down to the temple, but this is a spectacular place in its own right, sitting in the forest under the high cliffs of Goken-san. Temple 85 o…
Museum in Marugame

Uchiwa-no-Minato Museum

This museum has displays and demonstrations on how uchiwa (round paper fans) are made. Around 90% of Japan's uchiwa are still made in Marugame. With prior reservations, you can learn how to make a paper fan in an ho…