Top ChoiceVolcano in Ō-shima


A road runs to the slope of the volcano, from where you can see Mt Fuji on a clear day. From here, you can hike 45 minutes to the 754m summit to peer into the still-steaming crater. It's another 45-minute hike...

Sushi in Ō-shima

Minato Sushi

This sushi restaurant on the south coast is considered the island's best by locals, and so it pays to book ahead. A must-try is bekko sushi, made with fish marinated in soy sauce and island chilli peppers.

Sushi in Nii-jima

Sakae Sushi

This popular restaurant is a lovely spot to try shimazushi, the local speciality sushi using fish marinated in island soy sauce and green chilli peppers. Expect to queue at popular times.