Top Choice Japanese in Shimoda


Elegant, understated ambience and fantastic seafood. The Isōjiru soup is made from over a dozen varieties of shellfish and looks like a tide pool in a bowl. The sashimi-don (rice bowl), not on the English menu, is a…
Top Choice International in Shimoda

South Cafe

The best combination of food, atmosphere and good-value prices in Kisami, this relaxed place is well worth dragging yourself away from the beach for. Excellent sandwiches, salads, pizzas and curries among other thin…
Noodles in Shimoda


In business since 1916, serving hearty comfort food such as kamo nabeyaki udon (duck hotpot; ¥1000); there's a big badger out the front.
Sushi in Izu Peninsula

Sushi Take

Try the excellent sets at this friendly spot near Perry Road such as the jizakana sushi setto (local-fish sushi set, ¥1500). There’s a picture menu, and a green-and-white sign outside.
Sushi in Itō

Fuji Ichi

The coastal road is lined with restaurants and fishmongers – this is both. Run by a laidback Japanese Kiwi, this casual upstairs eatery is noted for its grilled fish and squid (cooked DIY on hot plates), but you can…
Izakaya in Shimoda

Nami Nami

This friendly counter bar has a retro vibe and an inventive menu. Local fish (honjitsu no sakana) and assorted delicacies served yakitori-style or breaded and fried. It's two doors up from Ōizu Ryokan, with a yellow…
Italian in Shimoda

Porto Caro

This trattoria is run by Yokoyama Ikuyo, a friendly woman who wrote a book about Mishima Yukio (the famous writer, actor and film director) whom she met as a teenager - hence they have Mishima's favourite cake, the …
Shokudo in Matsuzaki

Mingei Sabō

Here you'll find fishing paraphernalia on the walls and filling sets of fresh local seafood on the (picture) menu. It's near the port in Matsuzaki. From the art museum, walk straight across the river and keep going …
Noodles in Shuzen-ji Onsen

Zenfutei Nana ban

This institution serves the local speciality zendera soba (¥1260) with a stalk of fresh wasabi root to grate yourself. Look for the white and black banners a few doors downhill from Goyōkan.
Cafe in Shira-hama

Papa's Restaurant

Cosy diner with vintage toy cars, gingham tablecloths and surfboards on the walls. Serves light fare such as shrimp tacos and pizza. It's a five-minute walk uphill from the beach on the right.