Top things to do in Iya Valley Area

Top Choice Bridge in Higashi Iya

Oku Iya Ni-jū Kazura-bashi

Away from the crowds and tour buses, the spectacular Oku Iya Ni-jū Kazura-bashi are two secluded vine bridges hanging side by side high over the river. Cross one and come back over the other. A self-propelled, two-s…
Top Choice Public Art in Higashi Iya


If you're travelling along Route 439, it's not a matter of 'blink and you'll miss it', but blink, and blink again, because you may have a hard time believing your eyes when you hit Nagoro. Those 'people' – waiting a…
Top Choice Soba in Nishi Iya

Iya Bijin

For a taste of local Iya soba, head to Iya Bijin, in an attractive black-and-white building with lanterns hanging out the front, overlooking the gorge. Try a simple plate of zaru soba (cold noodles with dipping sauc…
Top Choice Soba in Ōboke & Koboke

Iya-soba Momiji-tei

At the West-West centre, Momiji-tei offers a good opportunity to try Iya soba. It's the lovely old building in the garden at the northern end of the complex. Try the tempura soba set (¥1450), either hot or cold.
Landmark in Nishi Iya

Peeing Boy Statue

The Iya Valley's famous statue of a boy peeing into the gorge is turning 50! Put in place in 1968, 'Peeing Boy' has been photographed urinating into the valley far below by countless visitors. This is supposedly wha…
Soba in Higashi Iya

Soba Dōjō

At Soba Dōjō on Route 439, you can sample a bowl of zaru soba (cold noodles with dipping sauce) and even make your own (¥2500; reservations required). The restaurant has a rusty reddish roof, and a brown curtain han…
Bridge in Nishi Iya


This remarkable vine bridge is one of only three left in the valley – the other two are further east in Higashi Iya. Unfortunately this one has been totally overshadowed by a monstrous bus and car parking area, plus…
Historic Building in Higashi Iya

Buke Yashiki

Several kilometres up a narrow, winding road near Kyōjō, Buke Yashiki is a restored thatched-roof samurai-house museum commanding spectacular views of the valley. The interior has been beautifully renovated and ther…
Museum in Ōboke & Koboke

Lapis Ōboke

Lapis Ōboke is a geology and local yōkai (ghost) museum. There are interesting rocks on display, but the reason to stop is to get acquainted with the folkloric apparitions, colourfully represented in a hall of delig…
Museum in Higashi Iya

Higashi Iya History & Folk Museum

This folk museum is in a large red building in Kyōjō, right by the main road. It displays historic artefacts and daily-use tools of the valley, as well as items relating to the Heike legend about the settling of the…