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Getting There & Away

This is one of those places where, if you're going to make the effort to get here, you'll want to have your own wheels.

Public transportation is extremely limited, with only a few buses per day heading into the valley from Awa-Ikeda Bus Terminal near JR Awa-Ikeda Station. Get details at the Miyoshi City Tourism Association.

With your own wheels, the Iya Valley can be accessed from the west, on either Route 32 from Iya-guchi, where the Iya River joins the Yoshino River, or on Route 45 from Ōboke. Both are in the upper Yoshino River valley and both have stations on the JR Dosan line that runs between Takamatsu and Kōchi. The road from Iya-guchi would be the preferred option.

To get to the valley's eastern end (Higashii Iya), use Route 438 to Tsurugi-san from either Tsurugi town to the north or Tokushima city to the east – either way, prepare for a mountainous drive up to Mi-no-koshi (1420m) at the foot of Tsurugi-san and the head of the Iya Valley.