For a relatively small island, Shikoku has a surprisingly varied climate. A line of central mountains separate the protected north of the island with the unprotected south, which is open to the vagaries of the less-than-aptly named Pacific Ocean. Summer can be stiflingly hot, while winter sees snow on the higher peaks. The Pacific coast is regularly pounded by typhoons from June until October, and the mountain ranges, particularly to the south of the central divide, get more than their fair share of rain. In contrast, the landscape of Kagawa-ken in the north is pockmarked with tame-ike (water-collection ponds) to combat water shortages.

Internet Access

Shikoku is up with the play in terms of free wi-fi for visitors. The countrywide Japan Connected-free Wi-Fi ( app works well, plus each of the four prefectures has its own version.

Tokushima Free Wi-fi (

Kōchi Free Wi-fi (

Ehime Free Wi-fi (

Kagawa Free Wi-fi (