Iwate Prefecture restaurants

Udon in Morioka

Pairon Honten

Jaja-men (じゃじゃめん; noodle with miso and minced meat) joints are all over town, but this hole-in-the wall is still the leader. Ordering is a breeze: just ask for shō (small), chū (medium) or dai (large). When you're f…
Japanese Curry in Morioka

Karē Kōbō Chalten

Serving the best curry we tried in the whole of northern Japan, this small, charming restaurant makes nothing except creamy plates of curry. The wonderful vegetarian option uses eight different vegetables diced to a…
Soba in Morioka

Azumaya Honten

Customers line up and tour buses roll in for this hugely popular wanko-soba restaurant. As per tradition, the waiter will refill your tiny bowl with soba as soon as you've put the last one down. Fifteen bowls are eq…
Japanese in Hiraizumi


On top of the hill within the Chūson-ji complex, this glass-walled restaurant has lovely views of the surrounding countryside and is the perfect place to rest your temple-weary legs. Hot and cold soba dishes hit the…
Soba in Tōno


Among the soba varieties served here, try hitsuko soba (ひつこそば), eaten with chicken, mushrooms, onion and raw egg. Otherwise go for hittsumi (ひっつみ), hand-cut noodles served with chicken-and-vegetable dumplings in a h…
Korean in Morioka


This yummy Korean noodle place is perfect for a quick bite after getting off your train, before exploring the city sights. There's often a line out the door at lunchtime, but there's plenty of seating inside, over t…
Indian in Morioka

Nepina's Kitchen Nirvana

Morioka has a handful of subcontinental restaurants. The best is found in a small shopping arcade not far from the train station. Tandoori options feature prominently. Dinner sets and all-you-can-drink specials (gos…
Soba in Hiraizumi

Sobadokoro Yoshiie

On the way back down the hill from Chūson-ji, this small tourist-friendly restaurant dishes up wanko-soba (わんこそば; buckwheat noodles) by the mini-bowlful. Rural Japanese fast food at its finest.