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Top Choice Bridge in Iwakuni


Iwakuni's chief claim to fame is this graceful bridge, built in 1673 during the rule of feudal lord Kikkawa Hiroyoshi. It has been restored several times since then, but its high arches remain an impressive sight ov…
Castle in Iwakuni


The original Iwakuni-jō was built by Hiroie, the first of the Kikkawa lords, between 1603 and 1608. Just seven years later, the Tokugawa shogunate passed a law limiting the number of castles daimyō were allowed to b…
Park in Iwakuni


What remains of the old samurai quarter in Iwakuni now forms pleasant Kikkō-kōen, accessed via Kintai-kyō bridge. Within the park are old residences, a pavilion, a couple of museums, ice-cream vendors, and spots for…
Sushi in Iwakuni


This restaurant has a satisfying iwakuni-zushi set (¥1080) that comes with a side of renkon noodles, plus udon dishes from ¥600. There's no English menu but there are pictures. From the bus centre near Kintai-kyō, w…
Wildlife Reserve in Iwakuni

White Snake Viewing Facility

While in Iwakuni, reptile enthusiasts, or those with kids in tow, might want to pop into this small viewing facility, where several of the bizarre albino snakes unique to the area are on display. Some even come to p…
Historic Building in Iwakuni

Mekata Family Residence

Located in Iwakuni's Kikkō-kōen is this former home of a middle-ranking samurai family from the mid-Edo period. You can not actually enter the buildings, but you can walk around them.