Sushi in Itō

Fuji Ichi

The coastal road is lined with restaurants and fishmongers – this is both. Run by a laid-back Japanese Kiwi, this casual upstairs eatery is noted for its grilled fish and squid (cooked DIY on hot plates), but you ca…
Sushi in Itō


In a town famous for fish, it says something about this kaiten-sushi (conveyor-belt sushi restaurant) place that people are prepared to queue for cheap and tasty morsels of seafood. Bonus: they even have touch scree…
Izakaya in Itō


A cute izakaya cluttered with eclectic decor. The menu caters to all with cheap and tasty dishes such as jumbo okonomiyaki (¥730) alongside more adventurous options such as fried crocodile and horse or deer sashimi.…
Pub Food in Itō

Izu Kogen Brewery

Enjoy delicious thin-crust pizzas while sipping microbrewed beer and looking out to the sea. Then soak your toes in the foot onsen outside afterwards. Can life get any better?