Itō restaurants

Sushi in Itō


This roadstop chain restaurant opposite the beach has zero character, but who cares when it's this cheap, tasty and fun? Choose from bargain-priced bites like nigiri, maki, fried chicken and ramen using a touch scre…
Japanese in Itō

Bora Noya

Fish brought in to neighbouring Futo port supply the pearlescent sashimi platters at this former fishing lodge dating back to the 17th century. 'Bora' refers to the striped mullet that migrate along the coast and ha…
Izakaya in Itō


A cute izakaya cluttered with eclectic decor. The menu caters to all with cheap and tasty dishes such as jumbo okonomiyaki (savoury pancakes), tempura and sashimi sets, alongside more outlandish options like fried c…
Sushi in Itō

Fuji Ichi

A fishmonger downstairs and a casual restaurant above, this humble, market-fresh eatery is noted for its grilled fish and squid (cooked DIY on hot plates), but you won't go wrong with the sashimi set (sashimi teisho…
Pub Food in Itō

Izu Kogen Brewery

The best venue in the drab Marine Town development up the coast from Orange Beach, where you can enjoy thin-crust pizzas while sipping German-style craft beer and soaking your toes in the foot onsen.