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Top Choice Shinto Shrine in Ise-Shima


The Inner Shrine of Ise-jingū is thought to date from the 3rd century and enshrines the sun goddess, Amaterasu-Ōmikami, considered the ancestral goddess of the imperial family and guardian deity of the Japanese nati…
Top Choice Japanese in Ise-Shima


This atmospheric local institution specialises in gyū-don (beef bowls), with the meat thinly sliced, simmered in hearty sauce and served with onions over rice. It's in the far left corner of Okage-yokochō.
Shinto Shrine in Ise-Shima


Dating back to the 3rd century, Ise-jingū is Japan's most venerated Shintō shrine. It’s in two parts – Gekū, the outer shrine, and the more impressive Naikū, the inner shrine, which are several kilometres apart – bo…
Shinto Shrine in Ise-Shima


Gekū, the Outer Shrine of Ise-jingū, dates from the 5th century and enshrines the god of food, clothing and housing, Toyouke-no-Ōkami. Daily offerings of rice are made by shrine priests to the deity, who is charged …
Museum in Ise-Shima


On the Gekū premises, this stunning museum illustrates Shikinen-Sengū, the ceremonial reconstruction of the buildings of the Ise shrines and transfer of the deities. There are pristine displays of techniques and too…
Buffet in Ise-Shima


This spiffy buffet restaurant serves some 25 dishes made from local ingredients. The market menu selection changes daily, but look for dishes like Ise udon and tekone-sushi. Expect queues at peak times. Turn left ne…
Shokudo in Ise-Shima


Signage reading 'Japan's most famous restaurant' and 'Royal Family Endorsed' may be an exaggeration, but this is a polished place to sample seafood, including ise-ebi (Japanese lobster). Simpler meals include sushi …
Sushi in Ise-Shima


This former ryokan in Oharai-machi oozes Edo-period charm, from the wooden floors to the large tatami room. It serves the local speciality tekone-sushi (bonito dipped in soy sauce and served atop a rice bowl). The '…
Performing Arts in Ise-Shima


The Kagura-sai is a good chance to see performances of kagura (sacred dance), bugaku dance, nō and Shintō music.