Ise-Shima restaurants

Seafood in Ise-Shima

Osatsu Komado

In a hut overlooking the ocean, ama (professional, mostly female, shellfish divers) grill seafood lunches – including items from their morning haul – and entertain with stories about their (sometimes treacherous) li…
Japanese in Ise-Shima


This local institution specialises in gyū-don (sliced beef on rice). Early-morning shrine visitors can pick up menchi katsu (croquettes stuffed with minced beef; ¥150) from the takeaway counter. The shop is in Okage…
Sushi in Ise-Shima


Occupying a former ryokan from the early 19th century, Sushi-kyū is known as the go-to spot for Ise's speciality, tekone-sushi (bonito dipped in soy sauce and served atop a rice bowl). It's served as a set that goes…
Sweets in Ise-Shima

Akafuku Honten

Akafuku has been making its signature style of mochi (pounded-rice cakes), coated in sweet adzuki-bean paste, for over three centuries. There are several branches around town, but it's worth visiting the main shop i…
Seafood in Ise-Shima


Signage reading 'Japan's most famous restaurant' may be an exaggeration, but this is a reliably polished place to sample a huge variety of local seafood dishes, including reasonably priced tempura and tekone-sushi t…
Japanese in Ise-Shima

Butasute Gekū-mae-ten

This convenient branch of gyū-don (sliced beef on rice) specialist Butasute, across the street from Gekū, has later opening hours.
Japanese in Ise-Shima


Good in a pinch, this buffet-style restaurant is right near Gekū and, with 25 dishes to choose from, there's bound to be something to please everyone. There are some local dishes available, too, such as tekone-sushi…