Top things to do in Iriomote-jima

Top Choice Beach in Iriomote-jima


From Shirahama, at the western end of the north coast road, there are four daily boats (¥500) to the isolated settlement of Funauki. Once there, it's a mere 10-minute walk on to the absolutely gorgeous Ida-no-hama.
Beach in Iriomote-jima


If you're looking to do a bit of snorkelling, head to this beach on the northwestern tip of the island. The beach is named after its star sand, which actually consists of the dried skeletons of marine protozoa.
Waterfall in Iriomote-jima


At the back of a mangrove-lined bay called Funaura-wan, a few kilometres east of Uehara, you can make out the lovely Pinaisāra-no-taki, Okinawa’s highest waterfall at 55m. When the tide is right, you can paddle a ka…
Museum in Iriomote-jima

Iriomote Wildlife Conservation Center

If you are at all intrigued by the yamaneko (Iriomote's endemic wildcat), whose critically endangered population hovers around 100, it's worth stopping by this small natural-history centre. Exhibits include English …
Okinawan in Iriomote-jima

Kitchen Inaba

In the Tsuki-ga-hama area, the relatively upmarket Kitchen Inaba serves the usual local specialities in a spot where no other dining options exist. It's a lovely place for a meal if you're spending a day at the beac…
Okinawan in Iriomote-jima

Densā Shokudō

This comfy daytime eatery serves up Okinawan favourites, like gōyā champurū teishoku (¥850) and Yaeyama soba (¥500), in a homely dining room with an outdoor terrace. Browse a selection of manga while you wait. It's …
Okinawan in Iriomote-jima

Laugh La Garden

Near the road from Uehara Port and beside the petrol station, this relaxed cafe-restaurant has sets such as ishigakibuta-no-misokatsu teishoku (miso-seasoned Ishigaki pork cutlets; ¥950) and Iriomote delicacies such…
Island in Iriomote-jima


Located off the north coast of Iriomote-jima is the unusual Barasu-tō, an islet formed entirely of bits of broken coral. In addition to the tiny island itself, the reefs nearby are in quite good condition and make f…
Beach in Iriomote-jima


The best swimming beach on the island is Tsuki-ga-hama, a crescent-shaped yellow-sand beach at the mouth of the Urauchi-gawa on the north coast.
Waterfall in Iriomote-jima


Kanpire-no-taki, a low-scale series of waterfalls, is the turnaround point for hikers who have travelled up the Urauchi-gawa.