Iriomote-jima restaurants

Okinawan in Iriomote-jima

Kitchen Inaba

In the Tsuki-ga-hama area, the relatively upmarket Kitchen Inaba serves the usual local specialities in a spot where no other dining options exist. It's a lovely place for a meal if you're spending a day at the beac…
Okinawan in Iriomote-jima

Densā Shokudō

This comfy daytime eatery serves up Okinawan favourites, like gōyā champurū teishoku (¥850) and Yaeyama soba (¥500), in a homely dining room with an outdoor terrace. Browse a selection of manga while you wait. It's …
Okinawan in Iriomote-jima

Laugh La Garden

Near the road from Uehara Port and beside the petrol station, this relaxed cafe-restaurant has sets such as ishigakibuta-no-misokatsu teishoku (miso-seasoned Ishigaki pork cutlets; ¥950) and Iriomote delicacies such…