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Beach in Irabu-jima & Shimoji-jima

Nakanoshima Beach

Easily the best snorkelling beach, Nakanoshima Beach is protected by a high-walled bay on the west coast of Shimoji-jima. You'll greatly enhance your experience by making your visit early in the morning, around lunc…
Cave in Irabu-jima & Shimoji-jima


An intriguing site for a stroll or dive is this pair of seawater pools on the west coast of Shimoji-jima, known by locals as 'dragon's eyes' – these are actually sinkholes in the coral that formed the island.
Beach in Irabu-jima & Shimoji-jima


On Irabu-jima's west coast, this is the island's best swimming beach, with showers, toilets and a small cafe (open in high season).