• The Japanese postal system is extremely reliable, efficient and, for regular postcards and airmail letters, not markedly more expensive than in other developed countries.
  • The airmail rate for postcards is ¥70 to any overseas destination; aerograms cost ¥90. Letters weighing less than 25g are ¥90 to other countries within Asia, ¥110 to North America, Europe or Oceania (including Australia and New Zealand), and ¥130 to Africa and South America.
  • If you want to ship purchases back, boxes are available for purchase at post offices.
  • One peculiarity of the Japanese postal system is that you will be charged extra if your writing runs over onto the address side (the right side) of a postcard.
  • The symbol for post offices is a red T with a bar across the top on a white background (〒).
  • Mail can be sent to, from or within Japan when addressed in English (Roman script).