Newspapers are sold at convenience stores, train-station kiosks and some hotels in major cities. Look for free mags at airports and hotels; and bars and restaurants popular with expats; many cities have expat-run online magazines, too. Bilingual DJs on Tokyo's InterFM (76.1FM; do news broadcasts and public service announcements in English; in Kansai, tune into multilingual FM Cocolo (76.5FM;

  • Japan Times ( Long-running English-language daily.
  • Japan News ( English version of Japan's most popular (and right-of-centre) daily, Yomiuri Shimbun.
  • Asahi Shimbun ( Japan's left-of-centre daily has English articles online.
  • Time Out Tokyo ( Quarterly magazine on pop culture and events; look for its excellent mini city guides at TICs around Japan.
  • Metropolis ( Tokyo's not-quite-as-relevant-as-it-used-to-be free expat rag.
  • Kansai Scene ( Free paper for Kansai's expat community.
  • Kyoto Journal ( In-depth articles on arts and culture from Japan and Asia.