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Getting There & Away

The bus stop for Hongū is Hongū Taisha-mae, in front of the Kumano Hongū Heritage Centre and adjacent to the shrine. Buses depart from stop 2 in front of Kii-Tanabe Station for Hongū Taisha-mae (¥2060, 2¼ hours, seven daily) and also from stop 2 in front of Shingū Station (¥1540, one hour 20 minutes, 14 daily). Many of these buses also stop at the nearby onsen towns of Yunomine, Watarase and Kawa-yu.

It's possible to travel directly to Hongū by local bus from JR Gojō Station (¥3200, four hours) and Kintetsu Yamato-Yagi Station (¥3950, five hours and 10 minutes), both in Nara Prefecture to the north (and accessible by train from Nara); these buses, operated by Nara Kotsu, run only a few times a day.