Yen (¥)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than ¥8000

  • Dorm bed: ¥3000
  • Bowl of noodles: ¥750
  • Happy hour beer: ¥500
  • City one-day subway pass: ¥600
  • One temple or museum entry: ¥500

Midrange: ¥8000–20,000

  • Double room at a business hotel: ¥10,000
  • Dinner for two at an izakaya (Japanese pub-eatery): ¥6000
  • Half-day cycling tour or cooking class: ¥5000
  • Temple and museum entries: ¥1500

Top End: More than ¥20,000

  • Double room in a nice hotel: from ¥25,000
  • Dinner for two at a good sushi restaurant: from ¥15,000
  • Taxi ride between city sights: ¥2500


Bargaining is not common practice in Japan; flea markets are an exception, but a hard approach would still be considered rude.


Very few accommodations along the Kumano Kodō accept credit cards. If you haven't booked online and paid in advance, make sure to get all the cash you'll need to cover food, lodging and incidentals at one of the gateway cities, which will have post offices with ATMs.