Food & Drinks in Furano

Furano Marche

This one-stop shop for made-in-Furano food and drink is stocked with local wines, cheeses, cured meats, yoghurts and puddings. There's also a produce market and food court here.
Antiques in Otaru


This tiny cluttered shop has all sorts of fascinating stuff, from expensive ornamental hairpins to kitschy lamps to 100-year-old sake cups.
Arts & Crafts in Furano

Ningle Terrace

The shopping centre at the New Furano Prince Hotel is a cute string of log cabins, each specialising in different crafts, connected by boardwalks in the forest. It stays open past dark, when it's lit with fairy ligh…
Glass in Otaru

Kitaichi Sangōkan

Local glassmaker Kitaichi is a hit with tourists, with numerous shops clustered east of the canal, including this, the biggest one. Pretty souvenirs include etched crystal tumblers and delicate pendant lamps.