Top Choice Seafood in Hakodate

Kikuyo Shokudo

Inside Hakodate Morning Market, Kikuyo Shokudo got its start in the 1950s as a counter joint to feed market workers and is now one of the top reasons to come to Hakodate. The speciality here is the Hakodate tomoe-do…
Top Choice Seafood in Rebun-tō

Robata Chidori

Chidori does real robata-yaki, charcoal grilling in a pit built into the table. The speciality of the house is hokke chanchan-yaki (ホッケチャンチャン焼; ¥900) – island-caught Okhotsk atka mackerel grilled with miso. The ika-…
Seafood in Sapporo


These are the crab guys! The frigid seas surrounding Hokkaidō are bountiful and yield some of the tastiest crustaceans around. Try the 'kani-suki' (¥4400 per person), a crab version of sukiyaki; after the crab and v…
Seafood in Otaru


Housed in a crumbling brick warehouse laced with vines of ivy, this bar-restaurant (once the storehouse of a fabulously wealthy merchant) was a source of inspiration for a controversial essay by local author Takiji …
Seafood in Rebun-tō

Atoi Shokudō

Run by the island's fishing collective, Atoi serves generously portioned kaisen-don (raw seafood over rice) using locally caught uni (sea urchin) and ebi (shrimp). There's a picture menu.
Seafood in Wakkanai


This popular seafood joint does good-value sushi sets (¥1400 to ¥2900) as well as some seafood-themed variations on classic Japanese dishes: try the tako-shabu (¥2500), which swaps the pork or beef typically used in…
Seafood in Sapporo

Kani-honke Susukino-ten

The Susukino branch of crab speciality restaurant Kani-honke. Look for the big red crab sign out front.