Top Choice Teahouse in Hakodate

Tea Shop Yūhi

Filling the halls of a wooden building from 1885 (actually the old Hakodate Quarantine Office) is this magical teahouse overlooking the water. It's lit only by natural light so closes after the sun sets. In the mean…
Top Choice Cafe in Asahikawa

Coffee Shop Tirol

Tirol may have only opened a few years ago, but the owner has kept the 70-year-old building lovingly intact, with a suitably vintage interior and jazzy soundtrack. The coffee (¥550), roasted in-house, is fantastic. …
Top Choice Brewery in Sapporo

Sapporo Biergarten

This complex next to the Sapporo Beer Museum has no fewer than five beer halls, the best of which is Kessel Hall, where you can tuck into all-you-can-eat jingisukan (a lamb dish) washed down with all-you-can-drink d…
Cafe in Shari


Inside the 90-year-old Kita-Hama Station, operating since 1986, Teishaba is decked out to look like a vintage rail car, with wood and burgundy-velour booths and rotating fans overhead. With views of both the Sea of …
Cafe in Akanko Onsen

Onsen Kōbō Akan

This is brilliant: a cafe with an ashi-yu (foot bath) so you can soak your feet while sipping coffee (¥250). There's food available, too; try the 'zari-bonara' (pasta carbonara with zarigani – freshwater crayfish; ¥…
Cafe in Kawayu Onsen

Orchard Grass

This cafe is inside historic Kawayu Station (built in 1936), which retains much of its original character – in the form of high, wood-panelled ceilings, antique pendant lamps, stained-glass windows and an iron-and-t…
Bar in Sapporo


At Sapporo's original hub for craft-heads you can choose from a selection of 250 beers, including many from owner Phred Kauffman's line of Ezo beers, produced and bottled by Portland's Rogue Brewery. Beer aside, we …
Bar in Otaru


In a building with literary history sits ISO, one of the few bars Otaru offers. Dark leather seats, wood and brick walls, mellow bar staff, soft samba music in the background – it's a perfect spot to unwind with a w…
Cafe in Niseko


This popular hang-out run by a former outdoor guide serves Niseko's best coffee. It's 100m up the road from Kutchan Station, decked out like a very cool campsite. There's a huge library of outdoor books and magazine…
Cafe in Sapporo

Cafe Morihiko

Set in a teeny-tiny old wooden house, with red eaves and clinging ivy, this cafe delivers big on ambiance. The hand-poured coffee (¥580 to ¥700) and homemade cakes are good, too!