Tourist Information in Daisetsu Kōgen Onsen

Brown Bear Information Centre

A must-visit before heading out on the Kōgen-numa Meguri Hike, with info on bears and recent sightings, latest trail conditions and closures, advice and hiking maps in English. Note: there's no phone number. Hikers …
Tourist Information in Sapporo

Hokkaidō-Sapporo Food & Tourist Information Centre

This huge info centre has maps, timetables, brochures and pamphlets in English for Sapporo and all of Hokkaidō. Staff speak English and are helpful. It's located on the ground floor of Sapporo Stellar Pl, inside the…
Tourist Information in Shiretoko National Park

Rusa Field House

This centre offers support for the truly intrepid and experienced, who plan to trek or kayak out to Shiretoko-misaki. If you have such aspirations, absolutely check in here first. Located on Rte 87, 13km northeast o…
Tourist Information in Sapporo

Sapporo International Communication Plaza

Directly opposite the Sapporo Clock Tower, this place is set up to cater for the needs of foreign residents and visitors, with an extensive list of English resources and helpful, friendly staff.
Tourist Information in Shiretoko National Park

Shiretoko Nature Centre

Run by the Shiretoko Nature Foundation, this is the largest visitor centre; located 5km past Utoro. Tell staff what you are up to and they will bring you up to date with the latest weather, track and bear conditions…
Tourist Information in Niseko

Hirafu Welcome Centre

Near the Hirafu gondola (and where direct buses to/from New Chitose Airport originate and terminate), with English-language information. Open only during the snow season.
Tourist Information in Sōunkyō Onsen

Sōunkyō Visitor Centre

Near the bottom of the Sōunkyō ropeway, this is an excellent visitor centre with displays, photos and maps (some in English). Run your hiking plans by the helpful staff.
Tourist Information in Niseko

Information Centre Plat

Lots of English brochures and maps (for Niseko and beyond), 200m down the street outside JR Kutchan Station. There's a smaller information centre (open 9am to 6pm) in the train station.
Tourist Information in Jōzankei

Tourist Information Centre

Right on Rte 230, the main road through the valley, with English brochures and maps, an English-speaker, and a small museum with photos of Jōzankei in the booming years of days gone by.
Tourist Information in Niseko

Goshiki Onsen Information Centre

English hiking maps and information on the latest weather and trail conditions. Just above Goshiki Onsen, at the start of the hiking trail.