Top ChoiceSoba in Furano

Soba Haru

Not only does the owner Haru-san make the noodles here by hand, he made the wooden soba bar himself too. Stop by for a scrumptious handmade noodle meal at this spotless, lovely spot.

Ramen in Furano

Chīzu Rāmen-no-mise Karin

Testing the adage that everything is better with cheese, Karin adds local Furano cheese to its ramen. Whether that sounds amazing or awful, you know you have to try it! It's in a nondescript brown-and-white...

Cultural in Furano

Hokkai Heso Matsuri

Taking its humorous nickname, Heso-no-machi (Belly-Button Town), to heart, Furano celebrates the 'navel festival' on 28 and 29 July. If you're in town, take the opportunity to strip off, have a silly face painted...

Food & Drinks in Furano

Furano Marche

This one-stop shop for made-in-Furano food and drink is stocked with local wines, cheeses, cured meats, yoghurts and puddings. There's also a produce market and food court here.

Farm in Furano

Farm Tomita

Farm Tomita

Until snow falls in October, Tomita's fields are covered in a rainbow array of flowers. With the mountains of Daisetsuzan National Park as a backdrop, this is one of the most photographed spots in Hokkaidō. It's...

Arts & Crafts in Furano

Ningle Terrace

The shopping centre at the New Furano Prince Hotel is a cute string of log cabins, each specialising in different crafts, connected by boardwalks in the forest. It stays open past dark, when it's lit with fairy...

Japanese Curry in Furano

Kunen-kōbō Yamadori

One of Furano's signature dishes is omu-karē (オムかれー), rice topped with an omelette surrounded by a moat of Japanese-style curry. Yamadori ups the ante with bacon. It's a cutesy-cool pink farmhouse with white trim...

Wine in Furano

Furano Wine Matsuri

This harvest festival held on the third Sunday in September offers all kinds of drink and food tastings, along with events. In an effort towards sustainability, organisers ask festival-goers to bring their own...