Tour description provided by Viator

Enjoy a 40- or 60-minute horseback ride not far from the bustle of Sapporo. With an experienced instructor-guide, dressed like an American cowboy, you'll receive a quick riding lesson in Mustang Town before setting off on the ride. Follow well-maintained trails near a spectacular mountain that features an unusual 8-peak formation. The gentle horses are suitable for riders with all levels of experience. Round-trip hotel transportation by taxi is included.

After pickup in Sapporo, sit back and enjoy the scenery as your pre-arranged taxi driver whisks you out of the city to a beautiful mountainous area just 40 minutes away. Your horseback-riding adventure starts in Mustang Town, a place with all the elements of a Hollywood western film, including classic wooden buildings and a riding instructor-guide known as 'the Sheriff.' Go through a safety briefing and introduction to the horses, all gentle animals that are suitable for beginner riders. You'll learn how to mount your horse, hold the reins and give some basic commands for turning and stopping. For more experienced riders, the Sheriff can provide advanced instruction. Once you’re ready, the Sheriff leads you on your ride, or 'patrol,' as they say in the Wild West. From your vantage point atop your horse, admire the lush greenery and interesting formations of the nearby mountain, which has eight peaks. Pass through an orchard where you may be able to taste some fresh fruit, and meander along tree-lined trails, enjoying the fresh air and bucolic photo ops. Your taxi returns you to Sapporo at the end of your ride.