Food, Wine & Nightlife

Walking Food Tour of Shibuya at Night

Explore the streets of Shibuya on a 3 hour walking food tour. Experience a part of Shibuya that no tourist will ever see on their own with the most delicious food only locals usually get to taste. Get the chance to try Okonomiyaki, Gyoza nabe, Chicken namba, Yakisoba and other regional foods from the south of Japan. Nestled in the backalleys, these places are unforgettable and an experience you wont want to miss.
3 hours
Walking & Biking Tours

Nopporo Forest Park Mountain Bike Tour

Enjoy an easy mountain bike tour through Nopporo Forest Park, a wildlife sanctuary and national forest on Hokkaido. You’ll receive basic instructions from an experienced guide for riding a mostly flat course through breathtaking scenery. Keep an eye out for flowers, woodpeckers, squirrels and deer throughout your 1.5-hour ride, covering a distance of approximately 6 miles (10 km). Round-trip transport is included from Sapporo. Numbers are limited to 10 on this small-group tour, ensuring a personalized experience.Please note: This tour is seasonal and runs yearly between April and October. The date is subject to change.
3.5 hours
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Soba Cooking Class with Transport from Sapporo

There’s nothing like fresh buckwheat soba dipped in dashi and a splash of soy sauce to make a perfect meal. Learn how to make these noodles in the countryside just outside of Sapporo. A local chef, with more than a dozen years of noodle know-how, guides your small group of no more than 10 people, through the soaking, kneading and cutting process. Make a mountain of noodles, slurp up some right there in the kitchen and then pack plenty to take back to Sapporo — no sharing necessary. Transport is included.
4 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Private Sapporo Custom One-Day Tour by Chartered Vehicle

This is a private tour by chartered vehicle with driver. Charter either a limousine, van, or bus for your group. Visit the city highlights at your own pace.
8 hours
Holiday & Seasonal Tours

Furano and Biei One-Day Tour by Chartered Vehicle from Sapporo

This is a great way to see the Hokkaido rural landscapes of Biei and Furano. Hokkaido is a large area which makes hard to cover.This private tour will help to make your trip an unforgettable one.Please note: This seasonal tour runs annually between June and August. The dates are subject to change.
10 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Smelt Ice Fishing Experience in Kushiro

Book this unique seasonal half-day excursion in Koshiro to experience ice fishing for smelt! Smelt fishing is a popular winter activity in Kushiro and your local guide will provide all the tips you need. While having fun with ice fishing, enjoy beautiful Lake Takkobuko and the unique vast scenery of white ice fields in the winter. If you catch any fish, your guide can also help you cook it in the Japanese tempura style (battered and dish fried) on the spot!
4 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Japanese Red-Crowned Crane Observation Tour in Toro

Join us for this unique nature tour to spend half-day with Japanese red-crowned cranes! Do you know how cranes live in the nature? Do you know the implications of the natural environment and human beings? Your guide will take you to the best observation location where you can spot the true red-crowned cranes. While learning and observing the beautiful wildlife, enjoy the tranquility of Kushiro Marshland and symbiosis of nature and humans.
4 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Geisha Party with Dinner and Sake in Private Home

A geisha typically entertains guests at invitation-only locations. Delight in the company of not one, but two of these highly skilled performers of Japanese music and dance, during a 2-hour ‘geisha party’ at a private home in Sapporo. As you savor a home-cooked meal accompanied by beer and sake, chat with the help of a guide and take pictures with the geishas, who will make sure everyone in your small group limited to 8 diners is having an enjoyable experience. Round-trip hotel transport is included.
3 hours
Food, Wine & Nightlife

Experience Sapporo: Shiroi Koibito Cookie-Making Lesson

What the Oreo is to the US, the Shiroi Koibito is to Japan. Learn how to make your own heart-shaped version of this famous cookie with white-chocolate filling at the manufacturer’s facility in Sapporo. An instructor leads you through an easy lesson, teaching you how to layer and decorate this popular souvenir and symbol of Hokkaido. Then browse the gift shop for more Shiroi Koibito items to take home. Includes round-trip transport from Sapporo hotels.
3.5 hours
Outdoor Activities

Sapporo Horseback-Riding Tour

Enjoy a 40- or 60-minute horseback ride not far from the bustle of Sapporo. With an experienced instructor-guide, dressed like an American cowboy, you'll receive a quick riding lesson in Mustang Town before setting off on the ride. Follow well-maintained trails near a spectacular mountain that features an unusual 8-peak formation. The gentle horses are suitable for riders with all levels of experience. Round-trip hotel transportation by taxi is included.
3 hours