Worth a Trip: Mugi

A short train ride or an interesting drive south from Hiwasa is the sleepy fishing town of Mugi (牟岐), where the winding streets of the old fishing port make an interesting stopover. If you're in a car, take coastal Route 147, the Minami-Awa Sun Line, by turning left as you leave Hiwasa for a thoroughly enjoyable 18km drive along the coast with spectacular views all the way to Mugi.

About five minutes before you get to Mugi if you've driven the coastal road, or a 45-minute (3km) walk along the coast past the fishing port if you took the train to Mugi, is Mollusc Mugi Shell Museum, a shell-shaped structure on a sheltered beach – inside, there's an impressive collection of shells. There is an old Hachiman shrine in the centre of the town, and boats run out to the island of Teba-jima (出羽島).