Top Choice Bar in Hiroshima


Bookshelves, old-fashioned furniture, a piano and a stuffed deer head all add to the busy surrounds at this smoky lounge-bar. Organza hosts an eclectic schedule of live events (from acoustic guitar to cabaret), some…
Top Choice Bar in Hiroshima


It's bound to be a good night if you drop into this laid-back place, where the friendly metal-loving musician owner 'Bom-san' can be found serving drinks and cooking up small tasty meals. There is occasional live mu…
Bar in Hiroshima


This is a trendy, dimly lit joint, with seating at the sleek bar or at low-to-the-ground tables. There's a good range of sake and cocktails and some tempting dishes to go with your drinks: try the avocado or ko-iwas…
Izakaya in Hiroshima

Ninjō Ganko Yatai

Six small izakaya squeezed into one large room make up this convivial spot, where beer and sake come with the usual izakaya fare, as well as some local-style okonomiyaki. Look for the lanterns and rope curtain over …
Pub in Hiroshima

Molly Malone's

A reliable Irish-style pub with a welcoming Irish expat manager, good beer, good food and occasional live music. It draws a mixed crowd of local expats and Japanese.
Bar in Hiroshima


Take off your shoes and unwind here while reclining among the cushions, or sip cocktails at the bar. It's on a side street just off Namiki-dōri.