Top things to do

Top Choice Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima


The walls of this popular okonomiyaki specialist are covered with the signatures and messages of famous and not-so-famous satisfied customers. The tasty, generous servings are indeed satisfying – a half-order is pro…
Top Choice Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima


This Hiroshima institution is a touristy but fun place to get acquainted with okonomiyaki and chat with the cooks over a hot griddle. Spead over three floors are 26 stalls, each serving up hearty variations of the l…
Top Choice Tofu in Hiroshima


In a traditional wooden building overlooking a large garden with a pond and waterfall, Tōshō specialises in homemade tofu, served in a variety of tasty and beautifully presented forms by kimono-clad staff. Even the …
Top Choice Historic Site in Hiroshima

Atomic Bomb Dome

Perhaps the starkest reminder of the destruction visited upon Hiroshima in WWII is the Atomic Bomb Dome. Built by a Czech architect in 1915, it was the Industrial Promotion Hall until the bomb exploded almost direct…
Top Choice Museum in Hiroshima

Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum

The main building of Hiroshima's premier museum houses a collection of items salvaged from the aftermath of the atomic bomb. The displays are confronting and personal – ragged clothes, a child's melted lunch box, a …
Top Choice Gallery in Ikuchi-jima

Ikuo Hirayama Museum of Art

The Ikuo Hirayama Museum of Art is dedicated to the life and work of the well-travelled, famous Setoda-born artist. The collection here includes several striking works inspired by Ikuo's journeys in India and along …
Top Choice Gallery in Ōmi-shima

Tokoro Museum

In Ōmi-shima, don't miss the Tokoro Museum, a small but interesting collection of modern sculpture in a hilltop building with stunning sea views from the deck.
Top Choice Bar in Hiroshima


Bookshelves, old-fashioned furniture, a piano and a stuffed deer head all add to the busy surrounds at this smoky lounge-bar. Organza hosts an eclectic schedule of live events (from acoustic guitar to cabaret), some…
Top Choice Bar in Hiroshima


It's bound to be a good night if you drop into this laid-back place, where the friendly metal-loving musician owner 'Bom-san' can be found serving drinks and cooking up small tasty meals. There is occasional live mu…
Top Choice Shinto Shrine in Miyajima


With origins from as far back as the late 6th century, Itsukushima-jinja gives Miyajima its real name.The shrine's pier-like construction is a result of the island's sacred status: commoners were not allowed to set …