Top things to do

Top Choice Park in Hirosaki


Perfect for picnicking, this enormous public park has been shaped over the centuries by three castle moats, and landscaped with overhanging cherry trees (more than 5000 in total!) that bloom in late April or early M…
Top Choice Food Court in Hirosaki

Kadare Yokochō

The facade of this nondescript office building (marked by the lanterns out front) deceptively hides a dozen food stalls hawking everything from fried noodles to Nepalese curry. It's a lively local hangout. Hinata-bo…
Parade in Hirosaki

Hirosaki Neputa Matsuri

Hirosaki's Neputa Matsuri is famous for the illuminated floats parading each evening to the accompaniment of flutes and drums. The festival is considered to signify ceremonial preparation for battle, expressing sent…
Castle in Hirosaki


At the heart of Hirosaki-kōen lie the ancient remains of this castle, originally constructed in 1611. Rather tragically, only 16 years after it was built, the castle was struck by lightning and burnt to the ground. …
Buddhist Temple in Hirosaki


A 10-minute walk southwest of Hirosaki-jō ruins brings you to an atmospheric temple district redolent of feudal times. At the top of the hill, Chōshō-ji comprises the oldest wooden building in Aomori-ken and rows of…
Cafe in Hirosaki


Among Hirosaki's numerous coffee shops, this one has the longest history. In business since 1929, it's said to be the oldest in Tōhoku. Once a hangout for the local literati, it's now a lovely spot to sample another…
Live Music in Hirosaki

Live House Yamauta

Nightly performances include traditional folk songs and spirited solo improvisation. The dinner course is a good deal, but you can also just sit at the counter with a drink. There's an English sign out front.
Japanese in Hirosaki


A variety of set meals and a picture menu make sampling the local cuisine a piece of cake. There's also an extensive list of Aomori sake, which you can try in an otameshi (sampler) set of three. Paper lanterns and f…
Arts & Crafts in Hirosaki


Tanaka-ya deals in high-grade works by local artisans. The prices aren't cheap, but even if you're not looking to buy it's worth stopping in for a peek at the boldly coloured tsugaru-nuri (lacquerware of the Tsugaru…
Notable Building in Hirosaki

Neputa Mura

Come here to see some of Hirosaki's Neputa floats and try your hand at the giant taiko (drums). There are also exhibitions of local crafts. It's a short walk from the Bunka Center stop on the Dote-machi Loop Bus.