Hirado restaurants

Seafood in Hirado

Hirado Seto Ichiba

Downstairs is a fish market selling colourful and bargain-priced local fish (gutted and filleted on request), while upstairs is a popular shokudō (inexpensive restaurant) with indoor-outdoor seating and views across…
Sweets in Hirado


Tsutaya has been making gorgeous tea-ceremony sweets since 1502, as a supplier to Hirado's ruling Matsūra clan. Nowadays it reproduces those historic tastes and innovates others, including through the 'Sweet Hirado'…
Steak in Hirado


Local Hirado-gyū (beef), marvellously marbled and tender, is highly prized. This place on Hirado's main shopping street does it yakiniku (Korean-barbecue) style: in a private room, you cook the beef over a grill set…
Seafood in Hirado


Across the car park from the tourist-information office and operated by local fishing families, this cooperative is basically a market with picnic tables, where staff prepare meals. Look for the red building and ask…
Noodles in Hirado


This friendly shop across the road from the ferry dock serves Nagasaki Prefecture's most famous dish, champon, a relative of ramen, loaded with pork and vegetables. Table and hori-kotatsu (well-in-the-floor) seating…
Steak in Hirado


Hirado beef compares well in taste with other wagyū varieties. Try it at this spacious and comfy spot for yakiniku (Korean-style grilled beef). Multicourse set menus are a good deal.