Top Choice Japanese in Himeji


This approachable, contemporary restaurant is a great choice for a civilised experience. The specialty is set menus: a little sashimi, some tempura and the usual nibbles on the side. At lunch try the daily special o…
Noodles in Himeji


They make their own noodles at this homey, cheerful little joint a few minutes' walk from the castle. It's not fancy, but it serves an honest, tasty bowl of udon to power you through the day. Look for the white nore…
Shokudō in Himeji

Nadagiku Kappa-tei

Ceramic sake bottles line the walls of this workmanlike eatery owned by a local sake brewery. Sit on a drum at a woodblock table, and try daily lunch teishoku (set meal, ¥620) including the signature oden (fish cake…