Himeji restaurants

Shokudo in Himeji

Nadagiku Kappa-tei

A local sake brewery runs this casual spot specialising in oden (stew comprising fishcakes, tofu, vegetables and eggs simmered in kelp-flavoured broth), and other dishes that naturally pair well with sake. Choose a …
Sushi in Himeji


This reliably good local conveyor-belt sushi chain has a huge selection (including many non-sushi items): choose what catches your eye as it goes round or order directly via a multilingual iPad Mini at your seat.
Japanese in Himeji


A reliable restaurant for set meals including local specialities, like anago (conger eel), Fukutei is big enough that you can usually get a table.
Noodles in Himeji


Popular spot for homemade noodles at very reasonable prices, on the main street a few minutes' walk from the castle. Look for the white noren (door curtains).