Top Choice Castle in Hikone

Hikone Castle

Completed in 1622, this diminutive castle of the Ii family of daimyō (domain lords) is rightly considered a national treasure; much of it remains in its original state. One unusual feature is the teppōzama and yazam…
Gardens in Hikone


This exquisite Chinese-influenced garden (1679) is criss-crossed by waterways and wooden bridges. Tree-topped islands, peninsulas and interestingly shaped rocks punctuate its pond. For ¥500 you get a cup of matcha a…
Area in Hikone

Yumekyō-bashi Castle Rd

About 400m southwest of the castle (accessible via the Omote-mon or Ōte-mon gate of the castle), this street of traditional shops and restaurants is ideal for lunch after exploring the castle. Browse the shops to ro…