Top Choice Bridge in Higashi Iya

Oku Iya Ni-jū Kazura-bashi

Away from the crowds and tour buses, the spectacular Oku Iya Ni-jū Kazura-bashi are two secluded vine bridges hanging side by side high over the river. Cross one and come back over the other. A self-propelled, two-s…
Top Choice Public Art in Higashi Iya


If you're travelling along Route 439, it's not a matter of 'blink and you'll miss it,' but blink, and blink again, because you may have a hard time believing your eyes when you hit Nagoro. Those 'people' – waiting a…
Historic Building in Higashi Iya

Buke Yashiki

Several kilometres up a narrow, winding road near Kyōjō, Buke Yashiki is a thatched-roof samurai-house museum commanding spectacular views of the valley. Beside the house is a Shintō shrine that is home to a massive…
Museum in Higashi Iya

Higashi Iya History & Folk Museum

This folk museum is in a large red building in Kyōjō, displaying historic artefacts and daily-use tools, as well as items relating to the Heike legend.