Top things to do in Hida-Furukawa

Parade in Hida-Furukawa

Furukawa Matsuri

Furukawa Matsuri – informally known as Hadaka Matsuri (Naked Festival) – consists of parades of yatai (festival floats). The highlight is an event known as Okoshi Daiko: on the night of 19 April, squads of boisterou…
Parade in Hida-Furukawa

Kitsunebi Matsuri

During the 'Fox Fire Festival', locals dress up as foxes, parade through the town by lantern light and enact a wedding at a local shrine, Okura Inari-jinja. The ceremony, deemed to bring good fortune, climaxes with …
Historic Site in Hida-Furukawa

Seto-kawa & Shirakabe-dōzō

Five minutes' walk from JR Hida-Furukawa Station, this lovely, historic canal district boasts white-walled shops, storehouses, private homes and carp-filled waterways. Across the canal, Ichino-machi is sprinkled wit…
Buddhist Temple in Hida-Furukawa


Originally established in 1532, riverside Honkō-ji is Hida's largest wooden temple. Its gate showcases the fine craftsmanship of Furukawa's carpenters. The current buildings date from 1913, following a fire that des…
Cafe in Hida-Furukawa

Ichino-machi Cafe

Chiffon cake, melon bread and local Hida-beef curry are all items you might find on the menu at this handsome cafe within a restored traditional machiya (merchant house). Free wi-fi is a bonus.
Museum in Hida-Furukawa

Takumikan Craft Museum

This museum dedicated to the history of Japanese carpentry and its unique methods is a must for woodworkers and design fans. In a hands-on room, you can try assembling blocks of wood cut into different joint pattern…