Top Choice Museum in Chōkoku-no-Mori & Gōra

Hakone Open-Air Museum

On a rolling, leafy hillside setting, this safari for art lovers includes an impressive selection of 19th- and 20th-century Japanese and Western sculptures (including works by Henry Moore, Rodin and Miró) as well as…
Top Choice Museum in Miyanoshita & Kowakidani

Okada Museum of Art

Showcasing the dazzling Japanese, Chinese and Korean art treasures of industrialist Okada Kazuo, this mammoth museum should not be missed. You could spend hours marvelling at the beauty of so many pieces, including …
Museum in Chōkoku-no-Mori & Gōra

Hakone Museum of Art

Sharing grounds with a lovely velvety moss garden and teahouse (¥700 matcha green tea and sweet), this museum has a collection of Japanese pottery dating from as far back as the Jōmon period (some 5000 years ago). …
Museum in Hakone-Yumoto

Kei Hiraga Museum

Dedicated to the sometimes sexually explicit, Pigalle-inspired paintings of Kei Hiraga (1936–2000), this museum is run by the late artist's wife in their old-style villa. Combine admiring the art with a soak in the…
Park in Hakone-machi & Moto-Hakone

Onshi Hakone Kōen

On a small peninsula near the Hakone Sekisho is this scenic park. Don't miss the hilltop elegant Western-style building, once used by the imperial family, and now a lovely cafe; weather permitting it has Fuji views…
Shinto Shrine in Hakone-machi & Moto-Hakone


A pleasant stroll around Ashino-ko follows a cedar line path to this shrine set in a wooded grove, in Moto-Hakone. Its signature red torii (gate) rises from the lake; get your camera ready for that picture-postcard …
Museum in Hakone-machi & Moto-Hakone

Hakone Sekisho

You're free to walk through this 2007 reconstruction of the feudal-era checkpoint on the Old Tōkaidō Hwy, but if you want to enter any of the buildings you'll need to buy a ticket. One displays Darth Vader–like armo…
Cable Car in Hakone

Hakone Ropeway

The Hakone Ropeway is a 30-minute, 4km gondola ride, taking travellers to Tōgendai from Sōun-zan. It stops at Ōwakudani on the way.
Museum in Hakone-machi & Moto-Hakone

Narukawa Art Museum

Art comes in two forms here – in the exquisite Japanese-style paintings, nihonga, on display, and in the stunning Mt Fuji views from the panarama lounge looking out across the lake. Don't miss the cool kaleidoscope …
Museum in Chōkoku-no-Mori & Gōra

Pola Museum of Art

Showcasing the top-drawer collection of the late Suzuki Tsuneshi, son of the founder of the Pola Group (cosmetics company) this quality museum is located in an equally impressive architecturally designed building. A…